Image of Deco Abstraction Mesh Earrings - Wide Banners

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Deco Abstraction Mesh Earrings - Wide Banners


Like tiny modern masterpieces, colorful abstract shapes play across these artful mesh earrings made from a fantastic, hand-enameled 1920s flapper purse. Wide hexagon banners are painstakingly carved from the purse, paying careful attention to the layout of the pattern—and ensuring a hit of red on each earring (which makes all the difference.)

Wear an iconic piece of history—the genuine article. Each set of earrings from this bag features a unique pattern placement—no two are exactly alike but all pairs are well-matched for balance. Banners are suspended from custom, hand-finished brass components, designed to properly display the mesh, holding it open at all times.

Deco Abstraction Mesh Earrings hang 3" long including the 14k gold filled ear wires. Handmade in San Francisco, each earring is signed with a hand finished brass logo link.